The Triver App Branding

Imagine…you just bought a TV at an electronics store but you can’t fit it into your car. You see a sign for the Triver app-one click and a buddy with a truck is on their way! What’s difficult about this? It’s in a competing market. Triver is slightly different, and their brand shows it. The target audience became the millennial generation, who have a fondness for all things superhero comics. After all, a buddy with a truck is a superhero that’s here to save the day!

Trivia App Design

The goal of the Quizzr app is to be an entertaining trivia app that will be intriguing to a wide range of audiences, so that families can play together. The graphics needed to be sophisticated enough so that adults will remain interested, the interface needs to be ultra simple, and the trivia needs to be interesting to grown ups but still remain family appropriate. The challenge is there are already many trivia apps available, and this one would needs to differentiate from the rest.

The Quizzer App is designed to be ultra-streamlined and fun:

How it all came to be; color and font exploration

A little doodling genius that got the wireframe thought out: